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Love your work?

This is a question I get asked a lot. To be honest my answer to this question will depend on what part of the week its asked.

I am pretty lucky to be working in such a lovely place. The Castle Yard oozes with charm and history. This charm is evident in our workshop which is a long stable ( with bits of extensions built on over time). It is here that we make, decorate, glaze, fire and pack the orders. To the side of the workshop is our shop and from here you can view most of the activities that take place.

Our working week starts with 3 days of intensive production make pottery. We schedule our production to coincide with Bisque and Glaze firing each and every day.

Sunday is a rest day.

Once the heavy days of production are over it is easier to enjoy my work as the pressure is off somewhat. Once you are able to work without too much pressure you are able to enjoy your work a bit more. It's this time that I enjoy making more complex serving dishes and larger vases. The patterns we use on our salad bowls also take time to get right but it is these finishing touches that give me great joy in making.

Since we have been able to open to the public after lockdown, there has been a steady stream of people through the workshop. Every one is giggling with enthusiasm at being allowed to go about there business knowing that these reconnections we are all making are so important for our state of mind.

It is not only the act of making that is important but also the act of using a beautiful piece of pottery and sharing this joy with friends and family.

So do I love my work?

Apart from loving what I do I also get a kick out of knowing that you love what I do also.

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