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Pottery can be a delight to hold and Use. We all have our favourite mug.


This item we use everyday, sometimes without thinking, goes through many steps before it arrives in your hand.

There are a number of steps involved in the process of making Pottery. The most important of these steps is the skill of the potter and time.

Here at Castle Arch Pottery neither of these attributes is taken for granted.  We endeavour to produce our pottery in a sustainable and Ethical manner.

Castle Arch Pottery Mug

When we open a bag of clay it is individually cut and sized depending on the item being made.

After preparing the clay each piece is individual thrown on the pottery wheel to a pre-determined shape and height. 

The pottery is then left to dry and harden overnight. We then measure and attach the handles and any other decorative features which make the pot useful and easy to hold.  Finally our pottery stamp featuring our logo is applied to the base.

Throwing on the wheel
Throwing a vase.jpg
Salad Bowl

It is now that our pots are ready for the kiln room. After further drying they are packed in our Electric kilns and Bisque fired to 1000cc. This step take 48 hours between firing up and cooling down.

The pots are now strong enough to hold with confidence but are not ready for everyday use yet.


We have always insisted that our glazes be made to our own recipe so that we can always offer you the depth of colour and quality of finish. Also Our glazes are free from lead and are designed for everyday use.

After they are decorated and glazed the pots are then prepared for the second firing which reaches 1230cc.  This also takes 48 hours between firing up and cooling down. This second firing makes the pottery dishwasher and microwave proof.

After the kiln is unpacked they are then checked and packed so they can make there way to you.

Ray Power, Castle Arch Pottery
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